Boarding Tips

For your cat's health and comfort, please bring:


  • ​Food your cat is used to eating. Change in diet in addition to change in environment may have a negative impact on their digestive system. If this is not possible we will provide a quality brand at no extra charge.

  • Kitty's favourite brush or comb for daily brushing.

  • Something that reminds your cat of you and your home. It would be comforting for your kitty to have a towel, a little blanket they like or a favourite toy from home. Also, please bring a T-shirt you have worn or something that has your scent on it.

General tips:

  • You should talk to your cat while preparing for the trip. Explain that you are going away for some time and taking him or her to the cat hotel, but will return soon to take your kitty back home. Felines that have been informed adjust better and feel happier in a boarding facility.

  • If you have drive for more than 30 minutes to our hotel, avoid feeding your cat right before the trip. Accidents do happen... 

  • And don't forget, you must bring a proof of vaccination records, if it is no already on file with us.

Boarding Forms

Save time by reviewing the boarding agreemend and filling out the form prior to your kitty's check in