Health Requirements

All kitties must be clean and free of contagious diseases, flees, ticks and de-wormed if indoor/outdoor cats.

We reserve the right to refuse to board a cat who is sick or has needs that we are not equipped to deal with. Please discuss your kitty's needs with us prior to booking.

VACCINATIONS - For the health and safety of our guests, your cats must be up to date on their vaccinations.  We require a copy of their current vaccination status obtainable from your vet for the health of your own kitty and all of our guests.

Current FVRCP vaccine (Rhinotracheitis -Calicivirus- Panleukopenia )
OR Eclipse/Distemper 4-way vaccine (FVRCPC)
• Rabies
• Feline Leukemia (FeLV) -Recommended
If you wish to waive any of the vaccines for a health or age reason, a doctor’s note should be provided to the Country Cats Only Hotel.
PLEASE NOTE: all vaccinations should be given at least fourteen days prior to boarding.

FLEA CONTROL – you kitty should be on flea prevention program.
We do flea check on all our feline guests prior to boarding and during their stay with us. If fleas are detected, they will be treated and the pet owner will be charged accordingly.

VETERINARY SERVICES - Kitties needing veterinary attention during their stay with us will be taken to the pet owner’s veterinarian if possible. Otherwise, our own on-call veterinarian will be contacted. The pet owner will be responsible for all costs incurred.

FOR ALL CATS SIX MONTH OR OLDER -male cats must be neutered and female cats must be spayed.

Boarding Forms

Save time by reviewing the boarding agreemend and filling out the form prior to your kitty's check in